Dr. Bill Schoenbart,

L.Ac., D.A.O.M.
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Dr. Bill Schoenbart is a practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture with 30 years of experience. You can see him in his Santa Cruz office or via Telemedicine.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

With a history thousands of years old, Chinese Herbal Medicine is practiced by millions of people around the world, even today. Find out what Chinese Herbal Medicine can do for you.


Acupuncture is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is effective at both treating pain and calming the mind. I can use Acupuncture in combination with Chinese Herbal Medicine for a comprehensive treatment experience.


This non-invasive, drug-free, natural solution to allergies of all kinds and intensities often works when other treatments fail. Learn more about how NAET can help you with your allergies.

Dr. Bill Schoenbart - practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine

About me

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From a very young age, I have been fascinated by nature. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, is based on thousands of years of observing nature, finding patterns of imbalance, and using plants to heal the body and mind. I feel very fortunate to have received this knowledge from my Chinese teachers, and I look forward to helping you towards healing and health. 

Testimonials from Patients

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A week after contracting a virus during the pandemic, my friend referred me to Bill, and he met with me over Zoom that same day. He shipped me some Chinese herbs that were extremely effective. I was at least 95% recovered by the 3rd day and was breastfeeding my daughter the entire time. Bill is so approachable and very knowledgeable. But the main reason I would highly recommend him over other amazing doctors is his dedication to patients. He truly cares.

I have struggled with PMS for years, and Dr. Schoenbart was able to cut through to the core of my symptoms. His knowledge of Chinese Medicine has also been such a benefit to me going into my menopausal transition. I have seen several TCM doctors over the years, and Bill is by far my "go to practitioner" when things get seriously out of balance. His knowledge is golden, and he gets to the heart of the matter quickly.

I had been dealing with a chronic condition for several years with limited success. My practitioner at the time suggested I go see Bill, as he is the best in town for herbal treatments. Within a few weeks, I had my energy back, and the brain fog cleared up. Two years later, I continue to enjoy my good health restored."

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Testimonials from Practitioners

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As an acupuncturist, I have frequently consulted with Dr. Schoenbart on complex cases. I also refer patients to work directly with him when their care requires his extensive herbal knowledge and regular adaptations to their prescriptions and follow up. I have described Bill Schoenbart to my patients as 'The Acupuncturists' Herbalist,' a doctor, a teacher, a researcher, and highly trusted and respected in all of those roles."

Bill Schoenbart is an herbal wizard! His extensive knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine and its application is such a benefit to his patients and the entire eastern medicine community. Thank you Bill!

I have known Dr. Bill Schoenbart for over 15 years, as a trusted acupuncture provider, an esteemed professor, and a well respected colleague who I often refer my own patients to. Dr. Schoenbart is an expert in his field and a teacher of the highest rank. He is respected as a master herbalist among his colleagues and is often consulted for his expertise on our more difficult cases. Over the years, I have referred many patients to him when their conditions were very complex and required experience and knowledge greater than my own. I also refer higher-risk patients to him, patients who I am not comfortable prescribing herbs to due the amount of medications they are on and the potential for herb/drug interactions. Because of his extensive knowledge and many decades of experience, he is comfortable taking on difficult cases that other acupuncturists can not accept. When referring out to Bill, I am confident that my patients will receive the best of care.

I am part of a vanishing group of acupuncturists who create custom formulas out of bulk herbs.

Appointment and New Patient Information

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Appointments are available Mondays through Thursdays in my Santa Cruz office or via Telemedicine. Please call, email, or use my contact form to inquire about availability. 

New patients can find the information and forms they need on the New Patients Page. Contact me with questions or to make an appointment, use the information below.

Cost of Appointments and Herbal Medicines

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Contact Dr. Bill Schoenbart

To ask questions or inquire about an appointment, contact me at 831-466-0980, email me at Bill@DoctorBillSchoenbart.com, or use our HIPAA-Compliant Contact Form.