About Dr. Bill Schoenbart

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Dr. Bill Schoenbart - practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine

About Me

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From a very young age, I have been fascinated by nature. I would spend hours each day exploring the forests, meadows, rivers, and ponds near my childhood home. Field guides to insects, animals, and plants were worn out from constant use. General science and biology classes were also my favorite subjects in school. So, it’s no coincidence that my career path led to a field that combines biology with botany. 

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is based on thousands of years of observing nature, finding patterns of imbalance, and using plants to heal the body and mind. I feel very fortunate to have received this knowledge from my Chinese teachers after searching for a traditional herbal medical system for many years.

I have been in practice for 30 years and have written thousands of Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions during that time, often supported by acupuncture and NAET treatments. My main focus is on internal medicine, so I treat a wide range of conditions. Some examples are:

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I am dedicated to helping my patients achieve their best possible outcome. Feel free to inquire whether I can help you. Visit the New Patients page here or the contact page here.