Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Dr. Bill Schoenbart - practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine

Dr. Bill Schoenbart

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My approach to clinical practice centers around the science of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. While I love providing acupuncture and NAET for patients who need it, virtually all of my patients receive herbal prescriptions. This enabled me to continue providing care during the coronavirus pandemic, since I could do tele-medicine appointments and send herbs to my patients when I was unable to see them in person. 

I maintain a pharmacy of over 200 bulk herbs and over 400 herbal extracts, with access to many others. After doing a patient intake, herbs are selected that match the particular pattern of symptoms. These herbs are then modified as needed, until the condition is resolved. 

Why Chinese Herbal Medicine?

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The ability to learn a traditional system of herbalism is what originally attracted me to study Chinese medicine. When I began using Western herbs for my own health in 1969, I was captivated by the potential to heal the body with them. But if I was going to be a healthcare practitioner, I knew that I would have to study a system that was comprehensive and stood the test of time. 

I found that Chinese herbal medicine not only has a history dating back thousands of years, but it is still being used by millions of people around the world.

Herbalism is a key part of traditional Chinese medicine

I began my studies to become a practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine in 1988, and I am still studying to this day! It is a great gift to be able to study something for decades and still be excited by new discoveries and realizations on a daily basis. I was fortunate to learn from Chinese professors who had years of experience in China before coming to the USA to teach.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a large and complex subject, but you can gain a quick understanding of Chinese Herbal Medicine here.

I am part of a vanishing group of acupuncturists who create custom formulas out of bulk herbs.

Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Now, with 30 years of experience myself, I am able to confidently treat difficult cases, following in the footsteps of my teachers. I am frequently asked to consult with other TCM and acupuncture practitioners about their cases to help them prescribe effective herbal remedies. 

I am part of a vanishing group of acupuncturists who create custom formulas out of bulk herbs. I also take advantage of modern adaptations of Chinese herbal medicine with such dosage forms as granular extracts, fluid extracts, and topical formulas.

How To Make An Appointment

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Chinese Herbal Medicine can help treat a very long list of ailments and conditions, often alone but sometimes in combination with acupuncture or NAET.
I can determine which herbal treatments are right for you during your initial examination. Visit the New Patients page here or the contact page here.