Referrals and Consultations

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As with Western medicine, many practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have specialties. Many practitioners who are skilled with acupuncture but less experienced with Chinese herbal medicine will contact me for referrals or consultations so I can help treat their patients with Chinese herbal prescriptions.

Referrals and Consultations for Chinese Herbal Medicine

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I am available for referrals from other acupuncturists and physicians for herbal prescriptions. For complex cases, I will see the patient by tele-medicine, send them herbs, and conduct follow-ups. For less complex cases, I can review the patient’s case with the practitioner and write an herbal prescription that they can fill.

Referrals for Herbal Chinese Medicine
Working with traditional chinese medicine practitioners

How I Work With Other Practitioners

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If you decide to refer patients to me, I will be respectful and cooperative with every referring practitioner. It is understood that this patient is your patient first. As a result, I will keep you informed about your patient’s diagnosis, prognosis and progress. It’s never my goal to take a patient from a referring doctor. I simply want to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to give your patient the best outcome possible.

Contacting Dr. Bill Schoenbart

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Whether you would like to refer your patient to me or consult with me about your patient, please call me at 831-466-0980 or use my HIPAA-compliant contact form.